Monday, January 12, 2009

Let us all praise a great human being: Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy is calling it quits. He will remain one of the most decent men in and out of football:
"While the city of Tampa reveres Dungy for turning a moribund franchise into a perennial playoff team, Indy's bond with Dungy was just as strong.

The city applauded Dungy's achievement when he finally won the Super Bowl and rallied around Dungy's family when he endured his greatest tragedy - his son's suicide in 2005.

'His biggest legacy will be all the people around the country who he's inspired to be better and to deal with some of life's tragedies in a manner that gives people a lot of strength,' Edwards said. 'What he went through with his son and how he handled it, was something that says a lot about Tony, his faith and what he stands for.'

What's next for Dungy is unclear. He has been involved for years in prison ministries, with Family First and as part of All-Pro Dads.

'Where my heart is, is really with our young men right now,' Dungy said. 'We have so many guys that didn't grow up like me, didn't have their dad there and that's something I'm very, very interested in.'"

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