Saturday, August 18, 2007

Paid police details, a Massachusetts ritual and ripoff

Hey bridges and roads are falling apart, Deval's got a wish list of spending items, and we've got enough money apparently to subsidize Hollywood actors. Get rid of police details, never say the politicians and the police.
A Boston police sergeant is facing 119 disciplinary charges after an internal investigation determined the South End patrol supervisor repeatedly abused the paid detail system, police officials said yesterday.

Sergeant Jacqueline Creaven lied about the hours she worked and made side deals with outside vendors who hired her to monitor their premises and construction sites, the officials said. The charges are the most against a single officer since at least the 1990s.

The Internal Affairs investigation found Creaven, a 16-year veteran of the force, guilty of 37 counts of untruthfulness, 35 counts of receiving details outside the system, and 36 counts of inaccurate reporting on a detail time card. Investigators also concluded she accepted details scheduled during her regular patrol shifts on eight occasions, failed to conform with laws twice, and engaged in conduct unbecoming a police officer once.
Add in a little sexual politics to give it a distinct Massachusetts flavor...
Barrault said Creaven filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in January 2006 and has since faced unwarranted discipline, unfairly been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and been passed over for promotions twice.

Late last year, the department suspended Creaven for 90 days after a man arrested during her shift was found unconscious and died the next day, Barrault said. Creaven was responsible for ensuring the well-being of prisoners in custody during her shift. Barrault said male officers typically receive much shorter suspensions for more serious offenses.

She said Internal Affairs investigators did not interview Creaven before finding her guilty of the latest disciplinary charges involving paid details. Police officials declined to comment on Creaven's accusations.

As a sergeant, Creaven collects more than $40 an hour to work details, paid shifts for construction companies, nightclubs, and other vendors.

In 2006, Creaven's total pay was $146,975, including overtime and paid details, payroll records show. Her base salary was $67,299. Her pay ranked in the top 10 percent of Police Department employees.
Massachusetts where the citizens have their priorities in order! Not!

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