Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Her moral equivalency meter is broke"

I started watching "God's Warriors" the other night but couldn't take the overrated Christiane Amanpour major premise that all religions have their fanatics. I wisely turned it off. Above all, she is no Oriana Fallaci. Ms. Amanpour has a lot to learn despite all her perceived erudition and foreign policy reporting expertise.
Christiane Amanpour has at least one parent who was part of what one would have hoped to describe as the intelligent secular ancient regime. They were the people pushed out by Khomeini and his epigones, and therefore, one would have thought, comprehending the nature of Islam. Well, it turns out that not everyone who has fled Iran quite has that necessary understanding. Some like to pretend that Khomeini is a sport, when the real sport was the Shah and his father, in their de-emphasis on Islam, their emphasis on the pre-Islamic past of Iran, and their willingness to limit the power of the mullahs -- and, above all, to give the non-Muslims of Iran, the Christians, Jews, and Baha'is, reasonable security and even something akin to legal equality.

But Amanpour does not realize that. Nor, in her aggressive climb through the media ranks, has she stopped to study Islam. She has not stopped to find out what happened to the Zoroastrians or what happens to them in Iran today. She has not stopped to find out why, even in the 20th century, a Jew could be killed for going out in the rain (where a drop might ricochet off him and hit an innocent Muslim with this raindrop of najis-ness, thus contaminating him).
As one commenter said, "Her moral equivalency meter is broke."

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