Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why dead-end Communists suck

They never had a sense of humor, that's why Commies couldn't help themselves as they butchered millions in the name of the State.

The Communist Party of St. Petersberg has condemned actress Olga Kurylenko for her role in the new Bond flick they say aids, "the killer of hundreds of Soviet people and their allies." The group described 007 himself as, "a man who worked for decades under the orders of Thatcher and Reagan to destroy the USSR." Thatcher, sure. I don't think Yanks get to order around British secret agents.

I guess the Communist Party of St. Pete is offended because Bond has only killed hundreds of Russians, and they think this total is too meager? Or were they upset they didn't get to starve a few extra hundred?
The only good commie is ...which is the point of the Bond brand.

Hat tip to Distributed Republic.

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