Sunday, August 26, 2007

Liberals are so superior, are they not?

Liberals often have a problem with math that's why they love to throw money at problems. Of course they "feel" so smart when compared to the knuckle draggers like Reagan and Bush (both of whom were far smarter than their crtics.) They supposedly read more books. Poor Pat Schroeder she has a bumper sticker brain. Debra Saunders, the smart conservative in the bluest corner of the world, San Francisco has the goods on PS.
When a new Associated Press-Ipsos poll found, as reported by the Associated Press, that "liberals read more books than conservatives," the president of the Association of American Publishers promptly shoved her foot in her mouth.

Pat Schroeder, the former Democratic congresswoman from Colorado, proclaimed, "The Karl Roves of the world have built a generation that just wants a couple slogans: 'No, don't raise my taxes, no new taxes.' It's pretty hard to write a book saying, 'No new taxes, no new taxes, no new taxes,' on every page."

She also told AP that liberals "can't say anything in less than paragraphs. We really want the whole picture, want to peel the onion."

Maybe you shouldn't pay any attention to me. According to Schroeder, as a conservative, I've got a bumper sticker for brains. Silly me, I looked into the poll -- which liberals have hailed as proof of their intellectual superiority -- and there's not a lot there in "the whole picture." The poll found that among people polled who read at least one book in the last year, liberals read nine books and conservatives read eight.

When I called Michael Gross, associate vice president of Ipsos public affairs, to find out more about the Ipsos poll, he told me the one-book difference "is within the margin of error, it's not a statistically significant difference."
A difference of one book and consider that the poll didn't take into account how many newspapers or magazines read by Americans and you are off to the races if you are Pat Schroeder.

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