Sunday, November 20, 2016

Allan Holdsworth quartet

Music for a Sunday morning. One of my favorite guitarists: A. Holdsworth. Never plays a tune in his repertoire the same way.

Data hubris?
Every five minutes a satellite captures images of China’s biggest cities from space. Thousands of miles away in California, a computer looks at the shadows of the buildings in the images and draws a conclusion: China’s real estate boom is slowing. Traders at BlackRock, the money management giant, then use the data to help choose whether to buy or sell the stocks of Chinese developers. “The machine is able to deal with some of the very complex decisions,” said Jeff Shen, co-chief investment officer at Scientific Active Equity, BlackRock’s quantitative trading, or quant, arm in San Francisco.

Ten Years After - Good Morning Little School Girl - 8/4/1975 - Winterland

Who digs the late Alvin Lee of TYA these days? Unfortunately not many!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Led Zeppelin: No Quarter 5/24/1975 HD

I never get bored of this interplay between John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page! Ah to be a teenager in #EastBoston again!

[04] Jeff Beck Band - "A Day in the Life" HD

The masterful Jeff Beck interprets Lennon-McCartney so brilliantly.