Friday, July 29, 2011

Frezza on the money

The always must-read Bill Frezza:
How come advocating the most extreme separation of church and state earns approving nods from the media while advocating even a minimal separation of economy and state draws accusations of extremism? Does it make you wonder who pays that piper? If it costs a billion dollars to run for president, where does all that money go? How come you rarely see stories about who profits from this slush Niagara as you are carpet bombed by campaign ads? Who stands to lose if the cost of running for office plunges?

As the primary purpose of power in a democracy becomes the redistribution of wealth is it so unnatural that the primary purpose of wealth in a democracy becomes the purchasing of power? If purchasers get their money’s worth what becomes of equality before the law? If purchasers don’t get their money’s worth how long before their money decamps for more hospitable climes?
Very good questions and many more. Read the whole column and weep.