Friday, May 29, 2009

Condo Bondage

Notorious localism. Junk this condo association! FOX NEWS: HOA Asks Vet to Remove Bumper Stickers
The 58-year-old former Marine now finds himself under attack by his Dallas homeowners association for displaying seven decals on his vehicle supporting the Marine Corps.

"To me, it's being patriotic, and it shows that I served," the veteran told FOX 4.

The board says the decals are advertisements that violate HOA rules, and must be covered or removed.

Otherwise, the homeowners association for The Woodlands II on The Creek --- where Larimore has lived for eight years --- says in a letter it will tow the car at Larimore's expense. The board also threatens to fine him $50 for any future incident.

Larimore says the decals, ranging from the Marine emblem to Semper Fi slogans, aren't advertisements for anything. "You can't buy freedom," he reasoned.

Some neighbors are outraged.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Principles matter even to Dow Jones

NEW YORK (Feb. 17, 2009) — The Wall Street Journal Europe has revoked its sponsorship of the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships due to the decision of the United Arab Emirates to deny a visa to Israeli player Shahar Peer, preventing her the opportunity to participate in the tournament.

The Wall Street Journal's editorial philosophy is free markets and free people, and this action runs counter to the Journal's editorial direction
Good for WSJ-E! What of the rest of Europe?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

With Sotomayor, race and ethnicity trump all

In selecting Judge Sonia Sotomayor as the Souter replacement, Obama opts for identity politics over intellectualism. Cato Institute scholar Roger Pilon brands her a radical almost solely based on the reverse-discrimination New Haven case. Can't say I'm surprised.

My general rule is the POTUS gets to select his people for the highest court; he did win the election, fair and square. Generally Sotomayer is fairly competent which is good enough for a seat on the SOTUS. I just wish liberals would share my outlook rather than engage in scorched earth politics (see the bloody Bork and Thomas nominations.)

Professor Richard Epstein opines on Sotomayor here. He writes the Senate "should subject this dubious nomination to the intense scrutiny that it deserves."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where did all those knowledge workers get us?

New York Times The Case for Working With Your Hands
High-school shop-class programs were widely dismantled in the 1990s as educators prepared students to become “knowledge workers.” The imperative of the last 20 years to round up every warm body and send it to college, then to the cubicle, was tied to a vision of the future in which we somehow take leave of material reality and glide about in a pure information economy. This has not come to pass. To begin with, such work often feels more enervating than gliding. More fundamentally, now as ever, somebody has to actually do things: fix our cars, unclog our toilets, build our houses.

When we praise people who do work that is straightforwardly useful, the praise often betrays an assumption that they had no other options. We idealize them as the salt of the earth and emphasize the sacrifice for others their work may entail. Such sacrifice does indeed occur — the hazards faced by a lineman restoring power during a storm come to mind....

If the goal is to earn a living, then, maybe it isn’t really true that 18-year-olds need to be imparted with a sense of panic about getting into college (though they certainly need to learn). Some people are hustled off to college, then to the cubicle, against their own inclinations and natural bents, when they would rather be learning to build things or fix things. One shop teacher suggested to me that “in schools, we create artificial learning environments for our children that they know to be contrived and undeserving of their full attention and engagement. Without the opportunity to learn through the hands, the world remains abstract and distant, and the passions for learning will not be engaged.”

Hat tip to Slashdot.

In California, be prepared for a diet of fear

The following is a sharp rebuke to the big government crowd not content to swallow up all of the Golden State in its pursuit of power. It's a must-read for Massachusetts taxpayers.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A little story about tax competition

Why would anyone shop along the Vermont side of the border? N.H. Union Leader "Thanks, Vermont! Saving NH liquor stores."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Barry's lying about his real position

Donald Trump weighs in! The Donald says the very lovely and socially conservative Carrie Prejean can remain Miss California!
President Barack Obama ended up in the middle of an unlikely controversy this morning — the debate over Miss California’s position on gay marriage.

At a press conference addressing Carrie Prejean’s disputed title in the Miss USA competition, pageant owner Donald Trump compared Prejean’s stated views on gay marriage to Obama’s.

“It's the same answer that the president of the United States gave,” Trump said. “She gave an honorable answer. She gave an answer from her heart.”

In her own remarks moments later, Prejean echoed Trump’s statement, telling reporters: “The president of the United States, the secretary of state, and many Americans agree with me in this belief.”

In the final round of the Miss USA pageant, Prejean told judge Perez Hilton: “I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised.”
Perez Hilton, go fuck yourself. (Sorry, I really tried to stay classy on this one!)

Meanwhile of the two -- Carrie and Barry -- only Carrie's telling the truth where she stands on the issue. Take this to the bank, Barack Obama supports gay marriage; his coy base of sycophants knows it Yes, he's a liar. Sorry Obama Nation. Barry's a politician just like the rest of them! And Proposition 8 was the collateral damage of an ambitious politician.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Optimism Unbound

If market sentiment is all psychological, what's wrong with a little boost from White House Economists? BLOOMBERG: White House Sees 3.5% Growth by Year-End, Exceeding Forecasts

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama Funny

He has a knack for humor! WAPO: Obama Delivers the Zingers at Journalists' Dinner
Obama, for his part, played it all for laughs: "I must confess I really didn't want to be here tonight. But I had to come. That's one more problem I inherited from George Bush." The crowd roared.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The waterboarding issue will now diminish in importance

Oh what Obama has wrought! Releasing memos that, in turn, release related information that implicates fellow travelers. New York Times: List Says Top Democrats Were Briefed on Interrogations. My guess is that the New York Times will move on right about now.

Friday, May 08, 2009

It's all in your heart! The economy that is!

Gearing up for an Obama rally
Since mid-March President Barack Obama and his team have mounted a sophisticated effort to brighten those “ideas and feelings”, reassuring the nation with “glimmers of hope across the economy” and the assertion that “we’re starting to see progress”. The much bally-hooed stress tests – whose comprehensively leaked results were due to be fully unveiled after the markets closed on Thursday – are both an important example of this confidence-building campaign and its toughest challenge.

The sunnier rhetoric of recent weeks marked a sharp shift both from the bleak mood of the fin de regime administration of George W. Bush and from the first weeks of the Obama White House. The outgoing president’s political capital was so low in his final months in office that the mere fact of his public appearances seemed to have a depressing effect on the markets. His secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson, enjoyed greater confidence, but he needed to convince lawmakers the situation was dire enough to merit his $700bn Tarp programme.

Likewise, Mr Obama needed the nation to be worried enough about the economy to pass his nearly $800bn stimulus plan. And too much good cheer in the first days of his administration could have wasted one of his most powerful trump cards – the country’s belief that this recession is owned by president number 43, not number 44.

But once the stimulus bill was passed, the White House calculated that, as Mr Obama told the Financial Times, lawmakers and US voters had reached their limits. No new money to rev up the economy or revive the banks would be forthcoming until the president and his team could demonstrate concrete results from the first instalment.

Monday, May 04, 2009

A useful idiot turns 90

The very overrated Stalinist apologist and folk singer Pete Seeger turns 90. Useful idiot Bruce Springsteen is thrilled.

The joys of competition

Honda vs. Toyota.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The great Jack Kemp. R.I.P.

Jack Kemp was a likeable football player and a thinking man's politician. R.I.P.