Saturday, October 10, 2009

ALE agents seize 929 gallons of moonshine ::

What is it about fighting organized crime, government doesn't like the competition?

WRAL.COM: ALE agents seize 929 gallons of moonshine
Wilkesboro, N.C. — State Alcohol Law Enforcement agents seized 929 gallons of moonshine Wednesday and arrested a Wilkesboro man, authorities said Friday.

Roger Lee Nance, of 1117 Shew Ridge Mission Road, was charged with possession of non-tax paid liquor, possession of non-tax-paid liquor for the purpose of selling, and possession of equipment and ingredients intended for the use in the manufacture of an alcoholic beverage.

“This is one of the biggest seizures of white liquor I’ve seen come out of the mountains in my career,” ALE Director John Ledford said in statement.
I'm sure the government did it for the children!

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