Saturday, September 19, 2009

An intellectual giant passes

There are those on the left who despise "neoconservatism." Often they know little of what they speak. The left still follows the jaded worldview set out in the 19th century by Karl Marx. So much for what passes as progressivism. Irving Kristol, the godfather of American neo-conservatism, died yesterday. He was wrong on a couple of issues but mostly right about the American experience and the ongoing American experiment. As an idea entreprenuer he knew progress was moving the Democratic Party away from the cultural and political moorings of the sixties.

He drew scorn because he met the supposed intellectual superiority of American liberalism head on. As one asked in other context on another blog: Is it more embarrassing to follow the insight of Irving Kristol or Karl Marx? For those who choose the latter as the touchstone of intellectualism in modern life, the answer is quite embarrassing indeed. And they have yet to come up with an answer to Irving Kristol.

More from the Wall Street Journal here.

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