Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where is the Gay Left?

REQUIRED READING: A Study in Defeat by Jacob Laksin, (City Journal 26 June 2009): "In Amsterdam, a series of violent attacks on gays—often in broad daylight— destroyed the city’s reputation as one of the most tolerant in Europe." Who's inciting the violence? Radical Islamists. Where is the European left on this issue? The American one? The tenor of the times suggests it's so much easier to blame Bush, I guess. That won't get you killed.

The preceding paragraph comes from Laskin's review of the new Bruce Bawer book, Surrender. To the multiculturalists, Bawer is a racist. To the rationalist, he is a truth-teller. That the focus falls upon Bawer and not the Islamofacists speaks volumes to the level of discourse in contemporary politics.

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