Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Runaway Congress

Stocks are down 27% since the arrival of hope and change last November. I still await an Obama rally thinking that the mediacrat party has invested so much into the sainted one that they will create a Potemkin village. But that's probably fantasy on my part particularly since neo-socialist Robert La Follette wannabe Wisconsin Representative David Obey's in charge of the stimulus. Here's the DigitalRules blog:
Here’s a question. Why did President Obama let an economic fool and earmark liar like David Obey write the stimulus plan that is so disliked by a majority of Americans and positively hated by the stock market? This is the mystery, isn’t it?

My blog last week asked why libertarian Silicon Valley is not speaking out against Obama’s economic plan. David Obey is its chief architect, after all. During Obey’s near 40-year career in the House, he has nearly always voted for more government subsidies and less trade, according to the libertarian think tank Cato Institute. Let me repeat: The most anti-libertarian Congressman is in charge of the legislative wing of Obama's economic plan.

If you voted for Obama, you might ask: Why? And where is Austan Goolsbee? Even George Will liked the University of Chicago economist and pro-market centrist who was held up as Obama’s economic brain during the presidential campaign.

Goolsbee is missing in action. His ideas are missing in action. They’ve been replaced by the socialist hack David Obey. And the market has noticed.

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