Monday, January 28, 2008

Just read! The Clouds, by Aristophanes

I read Aristophanes great work, the comedic The Clouds, as a defense of epistemological conservatism against the sophistry of the then-modern, irritating inquiries of Socrates. Whether Aristophanes contributed to the climate that eventually lead to the great philosopher's demise is debatable; I do not fall in that camp as Socrates proved to be his own worst enemy. But the sharp, biting critique found in The Clouds is a delightful but tragic reminder that the populace has always had little time for philosophy! The agony of unexamined lives!

Of fairy tales and fibs courtesy of the Kennedy the gasbag!

Who is he kidding? The liberal lion, Teddy Kennedy, says he smells change in the air. Is he serious? How can anyone who has spent their entire life in Congress say this with a straight face? "I believe that a wave of change is moving across America!" Has the smell passed over Massachusetts, a calcified, ossified Blue State that represents liberalism's failures as well as its political successes? Will the media call him on it? You know that answer. For all of his visions about the future, Obama relies on the heirs of Camelot. Speaking of fairy tales...

By the way, Clinton is leading in most of the super states.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

5 Myths About That Depressing R-Word

Kevin Hassett says we're not in a recession because no one knows until it's over.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Quote for the day

The centre of discipline: the degree to which we are able to hold ourselves in front of a challenge. From random quote generated from, Robert Fripp's site.

Monday, January 14, 2008

We've got hope! We've got change!

What Hillary and Barack are selling, one better than the says Mark Steyn.
“So what you selling today?”

“Well, we got two products. Over here, on this bare shelf, we’ve got ‘Hope.’ And over here, in this entirely empty display cabinet, we’ve got ‘Change.’ Or you could go for one of our two-for-one packages, ‘The Hope of Change’ or ‘A Change of Hope.’“
Read the whole article.

Demand for recession high

The public is convinced there's a recession. Somebody ought to give it to them good and hard good and hard.

Post-Iraq America, bankrupt?

The Democrats have a big wish list. The Republicans have lost their credibility on spending; the Democrats never had any they accepted voluntarily. Remember divided government put Clinton in the box. And the hot technology unleashed under his watch played a big part.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"The Mainstream Media's Katrina"

Unlike the price paid by Bush in falling popularity, the Mainstream Media is mostly above accountability. Poll driven political journalism is sinking the profession. The media like to carry on about how the United States has lost its prestige overseas. They are shameless in not seeing any parallels with their pack mentality. Polls and finances are all that matter. Kurtz nails it.

Luck should have it...

This man had a very bad day.

A very exciting idea for a laptop

Would you go without a hard drive on your laptop

Somebody, in this case Taiwanese Asus, is certainly thinking outside the box. Is this a WinTel killer?
As it refines the software and instructions, Asus - better known as the world's largest maker of computer motherboards - could garner a following among mainstream computer users who right now might be puzzled by some of the eccentricities of Linux.

The $400, seven-inch Eee PC is a new entrant in a fast-growing market for ultra-portable PCs. All such computers, including the Eee, require sacrifices. Its keys may seem painfully small. For people used to a desktop or a standard notebook, its screen makes you feel like you've just moved from a McMansion into a studio apartment. (Tricks for maximizing screen real estate when Web surfing can be found on the helpful user forum,

Unencumbered by Windows, the Eee boots up so quickly I didn't bother counting the seconds. Its Wi-Fi chip links with the Web in a flash, and its webcam - a feature missing from many laptops triple the price - turns it into a video messaging device with the help of eBay Inc. (EBAY)'s Skype, which comes pre-loaded. There are USB ports for peripherals, a port to connect to a monitor, and - most essential - a flash memory slot to expand its meager storage. Battery life is advertised at 3.5 hours.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clinton's victory speech is robotic

Hillary's victory speech is mostly graceless compared to McCain's.

Eggs on their faces

New Hampshire will go down as one of the prime examples of gross incompetency of political pollsters. Something's really wrong here.

From Real Clear Politics
National Huckabee + 1.3 Clinton + 7.7
New Hampshire McCain + 3.6 Obama + 8.3
Mich (R) | Nev (D) Romney + 1.0 Clinton + 20.0
South Carolina Huckabee + 12.6 Obama + 13.0
Florida Giuliani + 5.2 Clinton + 19.7
California Giuliani + 9.4 Clinton + 19.0

Prediction: I say Hillary "wins" New Hampshire!

I am going out on a limb. Hillary will survive to fight another day. The press is so far ahead of itself I couldn't believe that they believed that Hillary was losing support in her own state of New York. Hillary's up by 5 percent at ABC News at 8:25 p.m. EST.

Clinton 17,008 40% 0
Obama 14,959 35% 0
Edwards 7,077 17% 0
Richardson 1,832 5% 0
Kucinich 803 2% 0
Biden 75 0% 0
Gravel 58 0% 0
Dodd 35 0% 0

Monday, January 07, 2008

Wishful thinking

This is the triumph of hope over experience.
The Obama wave, which has been building for months, reached the proportions of a tidal wave after Iowa. It is now about to submerge, sink, and drown the Clinton campaign, and with it, the Clinton era will come, finally, to a close.

Disloyalty in the family

And they say Rudi has a dysfunctional family? Rappers who hate Nicolas Sarkozy have a new recruit: his son

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Clinton Machine at war with itself?

Is there a circular firing squad in Camp Clinton?
There are senior officials within the campaign — notably, outside advisers say, media consultant Mandy Grunwald and adviser Harold Ickes — who have been worried for months that Clinton was missing the fundamental shift in the electorate. However, their entreaties have gone nowhere.
I wonder who is feeding Time that line?

The HRC ensemble is perplexed at the Obama phenomenon. Is Obama treating the primary as a warm up for the tougher battle in November?

Key comment: "And if he can stand up to the assault of the Clinton machine, it will also make him look more formidable against the Republican one."

Friday, January 04, 2008

A good turn of a phrase

You gotta love Howie Carr for lending gravitas to Hillary's dire situation. "As for Hillary, as my listener Ron from Norwood put it, she’ll be the one taking hostages at her headquarters in New Hampshire today." Best sentence of the day.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

They are running scared

Required reading from the Swampscott Reporter. Union group made calls to tax cut petition signers, challenge seems unlikelyThe unions would rather have been part of Team Hillary's Bay State efforts this fall. Carla Howell is giving them an early little fit.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The markets are grumpy

The year-end blah! Wall Street is feeling foul these days even though market has gained over the past year

I say Obama is finished

This doesn't look good for Obama. Why isn't the Oprah effect taking hold in the Granite State?
With exactly a week to go until New Hampshire, McCain has pulled ahead of Romney and Clinton has opened back up a double-digit lead in New Hampshire, according to a 7News/Suffolk University poll.

McCain gained 12 points since a month ago in the same survey to vault ahead of Romney 31%-25%. Romney had led in the December Suffolk poll 31%-19% over McCain. Giuliani is third with 14%, a three-point drop from 17%.

A month ago, Clinton led Obama by 7 points (33%-26%), but now the poll shows her with a whopping 36%-22% lead. Apparently, Clinton has peeled away some of those undecideds from a month ago as that number dropped from 19% to just 12% this month. Edwards comes in third with 14%. (He had 15% in December.)

The Republican numbers: McCain 31%, Romney 25%, Giuliani 14%, Huckabee 9%.

The Democratic numbers: Clinton 36%, Obama 22%, Edwards 14%.

The poll was conducted from Dec. 27 to Dec. 31 and has a margin of error for each party subsample of 300 respondents of +/- 5.65%.

Several other polls have shown a closing between McCain and Romney as well as Clinton and Obama in the Granite State.

“This poll kicks off a series of daily New Hampshire tracking polls to be conducted by 7NEWS/Suffolk University,” according to a release made available to NBC News. “Each poll will consider 250 likely Democratic and Republican primary voters statewide each day. A two-day rolling average of 500 Democrats and 500 Republicans will be reported every morning at 6:30 a.m. on ‘7NEWS Today in New England.’”
By January 9th, the Clinton Show will be on a roll. Details here. An interesting overview of NH statistics can be found here.

Some common sense on fighting AIDS in Africa

To fight poverty and AIDS in Africa you have to look beyond fighting just HIV.
ALTHOUGH the United Nations recently lowered its global H.I.V. estimates, as many as 33 million people worldwide are still living with the AIDS virus. This pandemic requires continued attention; preventing further deaths and orphans remains imperative. But the well-meaning promises of some presidential candidates to outdo even President Bush’s proposal to nearly double American foreign assistance to fight AIDS strike me, an H.I.V.-AIDS specialist for 15 years, as missing the mark.

Some have criticized Mr. Bush for requesting “only” $30 billion for the next five years for AIDS and related problems, with the leading Democratic candidates having pledged to commit at least $50 billion if they are elected. Yet even the current $15 billion in spending represents an unprecedented amount of money aimed mainly at a single disease.
Read the whole article.

Here's Johnny!

As in John McLaughlin, one of the world's greatest guitar players.

Hat tip to Tyler Cowan via Hit 'n Miss