Saturday, October 06, 2007

The New York Times' "defining atrocity"

From the outset of the Iraq War, The New York Times, bastion of American liberalism, was at the forefront with Little Pinch Sulzberger probably crying from the backseat, "Is it Vietnam yet?" "Is is Vietnam yet?" They even geared up for a My Lai moment. Haditha they rushed, is the "defining atrocity," a larger than life footnote on why the world hates America. But today even the New York Times will have to wait for the defining atrocity one that is exclusively executed by Americans not Al Qaeda.
An Al-Qaeda atrocity like the Yazidi bombings, the murder of a brave young Sunni Sheik, torture chamber drawings, or dismembering and booby-trapping dead soldier's bodies just won't do. It must be an American atrocity. Sometimes it's hard to figure out just who they are rooting for

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