Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another good book store goes under

I remember when, not too long ago, Laissez Faire Books was located in Manhattan. During the occassional Big Apple visit, I would try to find the time to visit. But alas, as with most of the book market, Laissez Faire is the victim of the marketplace it so proudly defended.

Dear LFB Associate,

We are very sad to announce that Laissez Faire Books is going out of business. The book market has changed tremendously over the past 30+ years, and it has gotten harder and harder for a small niche bookseller to cover expenses. I suppose the market has spoken.I want our loyal customers, supporters, and friends -- and especially our Associates -- to know how much your support has meant to everyone at LFB over the years. You helped us stay around as long as we did and made our efforts worthwhile... Our web site will be going
down at the end of this month.

Thanks again for your support,

Kathleen Nelson

Laissez Faire Books

a division of Center for Libertarian Thought, Inc.

7123 Interstate 30, Suite 42

Little Rock, AR 72209501-975-3650

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