Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's pretty much over for Barry Obama

Stick a fork in Obama. The YouTube debate demonstrated once again that the junior senator from Illinois no legitimate right to be in the same ring as most of the Democratic field.
The significance of the Ahmadinejad/Assad/Chavez/Castro/Kim question was not that it came from a man in California or that it was asked via web video. It was that it revealed Obama’s almost embarrassingly na├»ve view of a president’s role in world affairs. And that was the real story in Charleston Monday night
On the face of it, even Krazy Vegan Kucinich has more experience than Barry. Obamamania fills the Medicracy's need to justify the early start of Campaign 2008. Tired of the Iraq war without ever expecting the public to tire of the presidential campaign, the mainstream media overrates the need to introduce a fresh face when a familiar one (Clinton) or ones (Biden, Richardson, Edwards) may actually suffice on mattes of great substance.

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