Saturday, June 23, 2007

Please let this happen, please

The Kossacks want Joe Lieberman stripped of his Homeland Security chairmanship. I can't wait for them to pull the trigger on this one. The moonbats may win the battle but lose the war proving once again liberal Democrats have no credibility on national security.
Joe Lieberman chairs the Homeland Security committee. We effectively cannot strip him of his chairmanship right now. The only way that we could do that would be if we changed the senate organizing resolution. Republicans could filibuster. And if we tried, Lieberman could switch parties. If this happened, a change in the organizing resolution could hand majority control of the senate to republicans. So there is little we can do about this SOB right now. But if we have a Lieberman proof senate majority after the 2008 elections, there is nothing Lieberman could do to get back at us.

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