Monday, June 25, 2007

How to respond to a global warming fundamentalist

This response is a tad harsh but you get an idea on how to deal with Al Gore types and their consensus on global warming.
You do know that in order to get that "broad international consensus" they had to have delegates from all UN member states regardless of whether these folk knew the first goddamn thing about climatology, ecology or solar-system or fluid mechanics. Jesus Horatio Christ on a sodding hybrid-powered unicycle some of those people were probably only in it for a beany to New York in an aeroplane.

D'ya ever wonder why fuckwits in Islington or Berkeley seem to agitate more about the melting ice-caps than the Inuit? Do you ever wonder why these people are against nuclear power and think that not leaving the telly on stand-by will solve the whole mess?

I leave you with a final sobering thought. The USA consumes aproximately a quarter of the world's power. Completely co-incidently the USA also generates about a quarter of the globe's GDP. That's money to spend, money to lend and schools, hospitals and not dying of those terribly amusing tropical diseases in your twenties. Wealth is good. Wealth requires energy because energy enables you to provide goods and services.

So tell ya what. You can either live in my world or you can fuck off to Somalia and make a living excising the external genitals of pre-teen girls with a broken Coke bottle. Cos ya know, that's a deeply traditional and remarkably carbon-neutral existance. Hell, reusing that bottle is even better than recycling it. Or you could bunk-up with the Gorefice in his TN mansion though I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Even you.

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