Sunday, September 05, 2004

Taking in al-Rashed, sees an opening

Perry de Havilland on Abdel Rahman al-Rashed's "cri de coeur." Rahman is a news editor and the general manager of Al- Arabiya news channel. Taking a swipe at the tired, leftwing analysis, de Havilland offers the following:

I can only hope this sort of discussion sweeps across the Islamic world. Western civilisation has so much introspection going on that some commentators regularly vanish up their own arses during absurd Sartre-esque displays of posturing left wing 'analysis' of bourgeois capitalism or the 'root causes' of why some people actually set out to slaughter other people's children. What we really need is muslims doing a great deal more public soul searching with frank discussions of modern terrorism: without recourse to the word 'but'...

Vanishing up their arses indeed!

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