Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Tearing apart the latest Kerry line on U.S. troop re-deployment

Speaking before the Veterans of Foreign Wars today, Senator John Kerry attacked President George W. Bush's new plan to redeploy American troops from around the world. On Monday, the president announced a plan to withdraw 70,000 troops from Europe and South Korea.

Kerry's criticism is built on a veneer of get-tough engagement and has some traction because nuclear-capable North Korea continues to be a threat. Flushing out Kerry's position on getting the Europeans to defend the continent on their own is another matter. If the Democrats were as sincere about their aims as they claim to be about North Korea, they would have a point. However, they're more interested in scoring political points than debating the merits of the Bush plan.

Vodkapundit has a thorough "fisking" of the new party line.

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