Friday, August 06, 2004

Now seriously, does this surprise you?

The inevitable Boston Globe endorsement must now be anticlimatic. Don't you think?

From the entry!

From the Back Cover
What kind of president could John Kerry be? Over the last four years we've seen Republican policies in action; now Americans need to know what a Democratic administration would do differently. In this comprehensive book, Kerry and Edwards reveal their plans and promises for America. They chart their strategy to roll back the Bush tax cuts and use the savings to provide funding for their health care plan, education reform, and other initiatives. Kerry/Edwards aim to improve America by: restoring jobs and rebuilding our economy; providing access to affordable health care; creating a new era for America's schools; winning the peace in Iraq; defending the American homeland; instituting a principled foreign policy; helping to create a cleaner and greener America; making college affordable for all Americans; and much more. Can the Kerry/Edwards "Real Deal" succeed? In his introduction, the Boston Globe's Michael Kranish provides keen insight into what a Kerry/Edwards administration could mean for America's future.

Does Phoenix media critic Dan Kennedy know about this?

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