Friday, August 13, 2004

"The French Chef", Julia Child, American Icon RIP!

You gotta love Julia Child! She wasn't a phony.

From the AP dispatch

Chipper and unpretentious, she beckoned everyone to give good food a try .

Her gourmet philosophy also included drinking. In one TV program, chef and friend Jacques Pepin asked what kind of wine she preferred with picnics -- red or white.

"I like beer," Child said enthusiastically, pulling out a cold bottle and two glasses.

On Friday, Pepin recalled a friendship that began in 1960.

"We'd go to the market, and she'd buy Wonder Bread," he said in a telephone interview. "She had no snobbism about food whatsoever. She loved iceberg lettuce."

Child also expressed a fondness for hamburgers, which she ate while recovering from 2002 knee-replacement surgery.

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